Tricorona registers a water purification PoA in Tanzania

A water purification Programme of Activities (PoA) “Solarwave water purification” was registered by the CDM Executive Board as of 12 June 2012. 

The programme’s goal is to increase access to safe drinking water in rural Tanzania by distributing low greenhouse gas emitting water purification technologies.

The first pilot project within this PoA uses the Swedish technology – Solarwave which runs on solar energy and can purify up to 700 liters per hour. Ten systems are installed in schools, hospitals and water kiosks in Morogoro and Pwani regions of Tanzania. The registration of the PoA by the UN gives the green light to roll out the programme throughout the country.

The programme is now included in the Water services that Tricorona provides to voluntary offset customers. As a part of their sustainability or CSR work, companies can help establishing water purification projects in Tanzania and earn water offsets to compensate for a product, service or an event.

– Since the installation of Solarwave water purification equipment in August 2011, we have not had a major epidemic anymore! säger Adelina Mshanda, Kisarawe Lutheran Junior Seminary, Tanzania