Four facts to ponder over the weekend

Here are four facts that you might not have heard about before:

1. … In 2009, the Swedish parliament confirmed that government agencies and state-owned companies can compensate their emissions?

2. … Fossil-fuel subsidies increased by one fourth between 2010 and 2011 worldwide?

3. … The average Swedish citizen thought in 1964 that it was OK to throw waste into the sea?

4. … One ton of CO2 certificate is equivalent to about 1 month emissions of a person living in a high-income country and at the same time delivers sufficient green electricity to cover the needs of one person for two months and more in advanced developing countries such as the BRIC?

1. Examples of government agencies and state-owned companies that compensate their emissions: Blekinge Tekniska Högskola, Swedish Energy Agency, Gothenburg University, LFV, Länsstyrelsen i Västerbotten, Naturvårdsverket, Posten, Regeringskansliet, Riksdagen, Svensk Exportkredit, SIDA, SMHI, Stockholms University and Swedavia.

2. Source: World energy outlook 2012

3. Have a look at the video from 1964

4. Assumptions: Given a grid emission factor of 0.85 tCO2/MWh, one can produce about 130 Watt. For a list of per capita electricity consumption, see here.

Vill du också börja jobba med klimatet?