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European Parliament set for an effective climate policy

The political support to start negotiations with Member States is a constructive shift compared to the recent political stalemate.

Tricorona welcomes the outcome of today’s vote in the European Parliament.

– The favorable vote on backloading today provided a strong signal for finding a solution to the challenges confronting the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, says  Susanne Häfeli-Hestvik, MD of Tricorona Climate Partner. At the same time, it is vital to advance discussions on long-term Greenhouse gas reduction targets, appropriate support of non-industrialized countries, the private sector’s role and the structural reform of the EU ETS.

Next steps:

Under the ordinary legislative procedure applicable in this case (called “trialogue”), a legislative act is adopted if both the Parliament and Council adopt the same text in first reading. Today’s vote means that the Parliament has decided to support the Commission’s proposal subject to certain amendments, with a view to agreeing a single text in first reading together with the Council later this year.

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