Expansion of solar program in Israel

Tricorona, together with its partners Enlightened Capital and Monsoon Carbon, are working on the ground in Israel to expand the photovoltaic solar program ENLIGHTENED SOLAR POA.

The program received UN approval to generate carbon credits in September last year. Another 29 solar power plants will join the program, amounting to a combined total installed capacity of 40.4MW, most plants with an installed capacity in the range of 0.2-1.3MW.

Israel has set an ambitious goal to reduce its dependency on fossil fuels and by 2020; renewable energy will account for 20% the country’s overall energy production. Blessed with sunlight and with vast desert areas, Israel will use photovoltaic solar power plants to reach this renewable energy goal.

The project serves as an incentive for a variety of entrepreneurs, most notably small local ones, to commission solar power plants all around the country, and especially in the southern desert areas of Israel, which are peripheral. The project provides work opportunities for many local residents in these areas, and will continue to do so as it amasses new solar power plants. 

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