2 snabba till David Abbass

David Abbass är kommunikationsansvarig för CDM-projekten på UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change).

What are some of the most amazing benefits for the local population of CDM projects you have seen, besides the GHG abatement?
I was struck by the reality of the mechanism when I made my first site visit, to a landfill gas project in Bali some years ago. The landfill, properly managed thanks to the CDM, was no longer growing and spreading into the adjacent mangroves, the people who before picked over the open mounds of garbage were now employed in sorting bays, and the gas from the capped garbage was soon to be generating electricity. It was an exciting, inspiring day.

david abbass

David Abbass

How can our readers incite others to do the same i.e. to account for, manage and offset their GHG emissions?
It’s best to lead by example. A company that is measuring and reducing its emissions and offsetting the rest is doing the right thing for the environment, and has a great story to tell. That same company is also taking proper stock of risk and managing it appropriately.

Vill ni också börja jobba med klimatet?